Life without a smartphone vol. 2

Life without a Smartphone

Volume 2


If you read the first volume I am highly grateful. Now back to business. A couple of years back if I had my iphone stolen and did not get one immediately I will probably have fell into depression and that was what I was waiting to happen but to my disappointment it never came. Have you ever heard of anyone being disappointed that he is not depressed about losing an iphone, well if you haven’t heard of any I am your first and I do not mean that in an inappropriate manner. I used to think that when I lose my Smartphone I will experience some stages of grief. The 5 stages of grief are:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

The day my phone went missing I experienced the acceptance stage immediately because it was as if I was waiting for the phone to get missing. To be honest I think the main reason I accepted my new reality immediately was because I was looking for a way to get off social media and I could not until the phone went missing. Could you believe when the phone went missing I did not even report it to the management of the hotel until after like 3 days. When the management told me they will do their best, I wasn’t really bothered if they found it or not because in a way I was free.

Let me confess life without a Smartphone feels kind of weird and a bit difficult. I used the word difficult because when humans get used to system (A), changing to system (B) becomes difficult. The brain has already been programmed to act a certain way for a period of time, so for the brain to learn a new programme and get used to it takes a while even if that programme has been learnt by the brain before. For example, I will use soccer as an example because it is what I know best. Imagine a soccer player who used to be a defender but overtime the player acquired the skills to play as a forward. Let’s say he played as a defender for 2 years but later played as a forward for the rest of their career. But for one match there was an injury to a defender and there was no other player available, the coach now asks the forward to be a defender for one match. I bet you the player might complete their objective but trust me when I tell you that the player will find it a bit difficult because the player has been used to playing in a certain way for a long period of time. (If you are interested go ahead and search for Gareth Bale on Google).

There was a time when if someone had told me my future a couple of months back that my Smartphone will get stolen and I will be fine without it,  I will have probably not believed that person. If I had known my future will be what it is today, I would have probably sold the phone because people will not believe when I tell them that my Smartphone brought me a lot of stress. Just imagine you wanted to get rid of something but you couldn’t because you were scared of how you would feel if that something got missing. I am now enjoying one of the best periods of my life because I do not have a Smartphone anymore. There is a famous proverb “that a person never really knows the value of something he/she has until that thing goes missing” “ well in this case it is you never really know how you would feel when you lose something until that thing goes missing – Beewax”.

I want to thank God for answering my prayer. I vowed one day in 2016 that I will not buy a new iphone for a long time. Sometime in 2016 I read an article on how all the biggest companies were forcing their products on customers by using clever techniques, after reading the article I got pissed because I discovered I was being tricked by the big companies and I will like to believe that everyone will get pissed if they found out they were being pissed. I will like to believe that God answered my prayers in a weird way and I am grateful. Don’t miss interpret my glorification of God in this article and think this is a religious post, rather I am happy he answered my prayers when I least expected it.

Advice: when you pray to God for something just wait and see what will happen. When I say wait (it means I don’t know when God will answer your prayer but I am sure God will grant your wish when it is time). I wish I followed this advice all the time, do you know how peaceful my life would be? Even I can’t imagine the peace that will be in my life but as humans we tend to behave like humans and display impatience when our prayers are not answered on time. Just relax and wait.


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