Life without a smartphone Volume 1


I will assume everyone reading this article knows what a Smartphone is but for the purpose of being formal I am to going to copy and paste a definition. (A Smartphone is a mobile phone that performs many of the functions of a computer, typically having a touch screen interface, Internet access, and an operating system capable of running downloaded apps) this is the textbook definition of a Smartphone because  a Smartphone in this day and age is much more than what is in quotes. A Smartphone according to personal experience is a device that the owner treats like their child. Why I used the child analogy is because the first thing i used to do when I woke up from sleep was to look for my iPhone and scroll through twitter or Instagram and for what purpose, just to check the latest updates on my twitter or Instagram timeline and I will assume that at least 50% of the people that will read this do the same. Since 2013 I had been personally attached to my iPhone for two reasons I think:

  • I did not use a case nor screen protector for my iPhone, so you can begin to imagine how stressed i was whenever my iPhone was in my hand or another person’s hand. At first it was hard for my palms to adapt to the surface of my iPhone but overtime my palms got used to the surface of the iPhone and I do not recall an incident of my iphone slipping from my hand. Funny enough my iPhone was in better shape than most people’s own and i never had a broken a screen or back or any damage due to my neglect of using a case. When people would hear that I did not use a case they will be like “I can’t try it or you are really trying” and to some extent i bragged about it. The cost of me not using a case was extra stress that I did not need but personally I did not like using a case so I guess I had to get used to the extra stress. Having a case or screen protector for your Smartphone doesn’t guarantee that the screen will not shatter when it hits the ground or a part of the phone will not shatter as well. In the end i think I and the person that uses a case or screen protector will have the same level of stress when it comes to handling a Smartphone because we will always be worried that one day the screen or something will happen to the phone.

Fact: Before my iphone 6 got stole, it fell from my hand several times (more times than i could count) and the screen usually faces the ground when it falls from my hand, luckily enough my screen never broke, it reached a point where i didn’t worry as much like before when my iphone hit the ground. Currently i am using a Nokia C3 and life is not that bad.


  • The second reason was so that I could be accepted by the general public. I always used to assume that people will treat you differently when you do not own a Samsung or Apple Smartphone. Considering they are the two giants of the Smartphone industry it is only natural that people will acquire more of these two Smartphone’s than the rest. There is a certain way people look at you or treat you when they notice the type of phone you use and I think this only occurs in Nigeria. The owner of the latest Samsung or apple Smartphone at any point is considered to be doing well than most people. Subconsciously or consciously the owners of these latest gadgets start to feel or behave in a superior manner. I used to that sometimes although now it feels stupid behaving in that manner. It gives a person a false sense of pride. It wasn’t until my iphone got stole that I now saw the foolishness of my actions when I had the Smartphone.

It is now that I do not own a Smartphone that I realize that we humans tend to become part of our Smartphone without even knowing it. What I mean when I say we have become part of our Smartphone, most things or everything in our lives is now in a Smartphone, be it from an app that tells you how do something or the photos, music, schedules that tell what and when to do something. Do not get me wrong a Smartphone has a thousand and one advantages if not more but mark my words “I haven’t had a high level of serenity like the one I am enjoying now just because I do not own a Smartphone anymore”. I used to always think that life without a Smartphone would be equivalent to being in prison but to be more precise I am happier at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I will never buy another Smartphone rather I never really thought life without a Smartphone could be this good.

This is the first volume of “Life without a Smartphone” and I intend to write as much volumes as I can to enlighten people that life without a Smartphone is not that bad.


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