List of most corrupt states in Nigeria in 2017

The survey which sought to analyse one of the greatest problems Nigeria has, corruption, was produced in form of infographics on his official Twitter page. The graphics explain and show statistics of the various workings of corruption in Nigeria. From those affected to those who perpetrate it. According to the above infographic, the prevalence, frequency and average number of bribes paid to public official by zone is highest in south-west and north-west. The south-west includes the following states:

1. Lagos

2. Ogun

3. Osun

4. Oyo

5. Ekiti

6. Ondo

And in the north-west we have the following:

7. Kaduna

8. Zamfara

9. Kano

10. Katsina

11. Jigawa

12. Kebbi

13. Sokoto




  1. I was listening to a program on Inspiration FM, Uyo this morning on curruption. It stated that 95% of Nigerians are currupt. Though it started not yesterday. It’s wide spread to every nook and cranny.


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