Student has legs amputated after complaining of hangover.

A young woman left a lecture early with a ‘hangover’ – only to have her legs amputated below the knee just weeks later.

Charlotte Hannibal, 21, from Nottingham, was 18 when she became seriously ill with group W meningococcal septicaemia, in February 2015.

She had to have both legs amputated below the knee, lost most of her left hand, and the finer tips on her right hand.

“I left one of my lectures early with a sore throat, headache and tiredness; similar to having a bad hangover,” said Charlotte, who was in her first year at Nottingham Trent University studying business when she was diagnosed.

“But 48 hours after my first symptoms, I was in hospital and doctors realised my body was shutting down. I spent three months in hospital.”

“In that time, I lost part of my hearing, dealt with kidney failure, dialysis, and had both my legs amputated below the knee, along with all my fingers from my left hand,” Charlotte said.

“I’m making progress every day now, but I’m encouraging everyone starting university this year to get vaccinated so they don’t have to go through what I have.”



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