Niger delta youths protest for President Buhari at unity fountain

Barely 24hours after a violent attack was staged on anti-Buhari protesters in Wuse Market, Abuja, another Pro-Buhari group claiming to be “Niger Delta Youths” today, stormed Abuja to throw their weight behind President Muhammadu Buhari despite his ill health. The group arrived the nation’s capital in the early hours of Wednesday and converged at the Unity Fountain and later marched to Aso Rock gate where the group assembled and continued singing solidarity songs in support of the President. Some of the inscriptions on their placards read; Sickness Is Not A Crime; Buhari Was Only Sick Not Corrupt; PDP Stop Anti Buhari Protest;  Benin Youth Support Buhari; Leave PMB Alone.

The group noted that the Constitution does not punish anyone for being sick noting that there is no requirement that a President should either be removed from office or voluntarily resign from office just because he is ill. 

According to the leader of the group, Johnny Michael, President’s illness can only affect his hold on power and stay in office if at least two third of the members of Federal Executive Council ( FEC) become convinced that the President’s illness has permanently incapacitated him from performing the functions of his office.

Source: sahara reporters


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