Has the lost Malaysian Airline MH370 finally been found?

New analysis of satellite images taken taken in the weeks after MH370 vanished could provide a vital clue in locating the airliner and its passengers.

Researchers at Geoscience Australia have finished examining images of ‘possible man-made objects’ floating in the ocean that were taken by the French Air Force two weeks after the Malaysia Airlines plane went missing in 2014.

Analysts confirmed that at least a dozen of the objects are man-made, before using drift patterns to pinpoint three possible points of origin in the ocean far off the coast of south west Australia.

The images, which were taken just outside the original search zone, were initially discarded based on data available at the time about the plane’s flight path.

However, they passed to Geoscience Australia for analysis as part of a ‘systematic process of review’ after initial searches failed to find the jet.

Source: daily mail.


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