The reason Nigerian Senate rejected Magu as EFCC boss – Saraki.

“Magu’s screening was on a Wednesday when we air plenary `live’. That is to show you how transparent the Senate was on Magu’s confirmation. “We screened him on a Wednesday so that all Nigerians can watch,’’ he said. Mr. Saraki maintained that the decision of the Senate to reject the confirmation of Mr. Magu was in the interest of democracy. He added that the decision was based on a test which he failed, adding that if the Senate had disregarded the DSS report and went ahead to confirm Magu, posterity would judge the members.

On allegations that Mr. Magu’s confirmation was stalled for fear that senators may be prosecuted by him, Mr. Saraki said it was far from the truth. He pointed out that the fear that some of the former governors who had cases to answer may have contributed to the rejection was unfounded. According to him, some of the former governors already had cases before the courts, and Mr. Magu, even if he was confirmed, couldn’t have gone to the courts to withdraw the cases. Read more:


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