Flying cars are becoming a reality with each passing day.

A flying DeLorean could take to the skies just a few years after they featured in the fictional future of the Back To The Future universe.

In the second film of the blockbuster sci fi trilogy, Doc Brown and Marty visit the year 2015.

There they get the iconic nuclear powered DeLorean that allows them to time travel converted to a hovercar.

Now the nephew of the creator of the original DeLorean is working on making fiction a reality, by designing the DR-7 flying car.

Designed for performance, the DR-7 is built like an F1 race car for the sky.

It features a monocoque composite body, which means its body is made of one solid skin.

Its high-efficiency wing design and tandem seating configuration mean weight is kept to a minimum for increased speed and manoeuvrability.

The DR-7 is just over six metres (20 feet) long and is around five and a half metres (18.5 feet) wide.

It has two main pairs of wings, one at the front and another at the rear, as well as smaller sets underneath for stability.

These main wings will fold away to allow for easier storage once it has landed. 

They will also allow the vehicle to glide to safety, in the event the engines cut out. 

Two large fans will provide lift and forward propulsion, rotating from horizontal during takeoff to vertical during flight.

It will be powered by electric motors and will feature self-flying technology, so that owners do not require a special licence to operate it.

Source: daily mail


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