Drone that can walk your dog, it will cost you just $2,590.

A bizarre drone designed to take the hassle out of walking your dog is being advertised by an online retailer.

Drones Direct say that they have modified a popular automated aerial vehicle to allow owners to take their pet for a stroll completely hands free.

The device uses GPS to lead dogs along a programmed route.

Their DJI Phantom 4 Dog Drone, which the firm insists is a genuine product, costs twice the price of the regular model at £1,999 ($2,590). 

The device uses GPS to lead dogs along a programmed route.

Potential problems:

– Many dogs are likely to be scared of the drone and try to escape or attack it 

– The drone is unlikely to be able to accurately detect when your pet stops, which could mean it is dragged along unwillingly 

– It’s illegal for a drone to go out of view, which means you will need to follow closely

– While the drone itself can avoid obstacles, the lead could present a collision risk to other people and objects

– In practice you would probably want to keep a remote on hand in case of emergencies, making its chief selling point redundant

– The price tag is double the standard model, with the only obvious addition being a lead

– The drone is not available online, so anyone interested in buying one will have to travel to a Huddlesfield showroom.

Source:daily mail.


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