Female teacher arrested for allegedly having sex with student in car


A female substitute teacher has been arrested and charged with alleged sexual contact with a 17-year-old student in Missouri.

Loryn Barclay, 24, has been charged with purportedly having sex with the student in his car and at his home on numerous occasions between November 2016 and January 2017.

She has been charged with six counts of alleged sexual contact in two Missouri counties, according to The Monett Times newspaper.

A local police officer who also serves at the school, Jay Jastal, was tipped off about the possible relationship.

Mr Jastal said Ms Barclay reportedly told him she was in fact involved in an “inappropriate relationship”. He said he does not believe at this time that any other students were involved with the teacher.

“When we became aware of potential involvement with a student, we followed all procedures by informing the Children’s Division,” Superintendent of the Monett school district Brad Hanson told the newspaper.

“We had a conversation with her and she was not employed from then on. We learned about it the day of her exit as an employee. We dealt with it swiftly,” he said.

The county prosecutor pressed charges against Ms Barclay and was released on $25,000 bail for the Lawrence County charges. She is yet to be arrested in Barry County and has a $10,000 bail for those charges.

Ms Barclay is due in court on 24 July in Lawrence County.


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